Tuesday, November 4, 2014

New deck (and vans shoes!) - Chima Ferguson - REAL SINCE DAY ONE !

Time to change that old EVAN SMITH ELEMENT BOARD.. one ply was broken...

New 8.38" Chima Ferguson Real board

First time I saw him skate was in 2011 at the Montreal première of REAL SINCE DAY ONE

Watch his full part here 23:49 - 28:40 (thanks to skatevideosite.com)

Super great song from Cass McCombs - She's Still Suffering (thanks to DawnOfThaDusk for the upload

Removing my old 52 mm (100A) bones wheels to put back on the 59 mm (97A)

The 139 mm indys are too small.. i'll give them a try tomorrow at Montreal Taz indoor skatepark

The bones bearings are still good

That's it.. it's way wider than the old 8" Element board...

This graphic comes from:

Thanks Ben for the reference!

The new VANS CHUKKA LOW shoes bought at empire for $75 (by the way, thanks to Adam, he was a super nice dude)

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