Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lepai LP-2020A+ //// amplifier review

My friend bought this little amp this week and here's some infos 
I gathered for you guys,

This is what the box looks like (Lepy instead of Lepai... whatever!)

the Lepai or Lepy are the same manufacturer's brand,Previously is use Lepai, now the LOGO Lepai is change to Lepy (actually the product is the same), and for LP2020A+, because this is the 2015 latest edition.the chip use Lepy own chip lepy2020 (Performance has a certain improvement!), so now the Model is Lepy LP-2020A


Photos from CNET

Sweet blue light!

Nice review on CNET

Lepai-LP2020A+ Mini Audio Amplifier Review

Little Amp, Big Speakers

My friend is using it with these little babies I sold him:


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