Wednesday, November 11, 2015

REACH79 CASE and REACH ANTENNA for iphones / my researches

I have a poor reception in Montreal with ROGERS and wanted to know if these little things could help me out with my issue.....

After viewing all these reviews, it seems that those things aren't really working.

Feel free to let me know.


Below are my researches:

Thanks TechDaily for the good review

Antenna79 Website:

Reach79 iPhone 6/6 Plus Case Review - Get Faster Downloads Better Signal and Improved Battery Life

iPhone 6 Signal Booster

Thanks Anthony Smith for the upload

How To: DOUBLE LTE Data Signal on iPhone 6 & 6 Plus!


Introducing Reach Antenna - Attachable Antenna

Thanks ReachAntenna for the upload

Reach Antenna iPhone 6 Plus Long Review

Thanks Tech TECHADDICTION for the upload

Reach Antenna - Attachable Antenna - Review

Thanks Babu for the upload

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