Monday, March 14, 2016

Cheryl Strayed - Tiny beautiful things / Advice on love and life from Dear Sugar ...and more

I am taking some English lessons and my teacher told me I should read in English.

I went to Chapters Indigo on Ste-Catherine (Montreal) and found this gem.

This book was on a shelf, I took it, opened it and immediately fell in love.

What more to say than ... buy this right now and enjoy every pages of the beautiful piece of art.

Thank you Cheryl, sweet pea.

I didn't want to read it too fast... it was always in my back pack... few pages (letters) here and there

While we are there, the book below (Pen & ink: Tattoos and the stories behind them) is pretty funny too... a little candy that you can read in less than two hours. I bought it a couple of months ago for my Girlfriend and just realised that the intro was by Cheryl Strayed. Anyway, fun little book to go through.

Cheryl Strayed's tattoo

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