Sunday, March 27, 2016


The price was decent on but was less expensive on

I got it from, free shipping and even got a $10 off in the deals section

FedEx Ground left it on my porch.... I was a bit concerned because they left the big box all alone like that. I told Hitchweb and I hope they will tell FedEx to be more careful about their customers... anyway, I got the box and everything was inside!

You also get a 1" 1/4" hidden hitch cover

I took the shipping box to make me a «decent» bed to work

It's not a really hard job to do.... but if you can have a buddy to help you out that would be great.

You need to fish the bolts in the sub frame with the metal wires 

I just jacked one side of the car and it was alright.

**** important****
You need to start your installation by the muffler side first.... That doesn't mean that you can not fish the bolts before (in fact... FISH THEM BEFORE)!

You need to cut this piece on the driver side with a utility knife (x-acto), if not the hitch will no rest correctly on the sub frame

You need to open the hole a bit in order to slide the spacer in. I took a dremel with a metal bit.

My little helper !

Once the bolts and spacers are fished, you need to take a hook to slide them out

Muffler side
(you will need to pry this piece (below) a bit to slide the hidden hitch under)

Driver side

The muffler side is a bit tricky... 11/16" ( if I remember correctly) and two extenders

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Thanks for watching! 


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