Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I bought a HONDA FIT LX 2010 and was a bit disappointed because there was no BLUETOOTH functionality in it....

I think HONDA only introduced it in the 2012 model. 


I read a couple of threads here and there about the subject:

1) Adding Bluetooth to stock stereo - Unofficial Honda FIT Forums


2) Bluetooth and iPhone/iPod/AUX Kits for Honda Fit 2009-2013 | GTA Car Kits

GTA Car Kit for Honda Fit 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 is all you need to integrate your smartphone, tablet or mp3 player with your stock car stereo system.



3) This device was interesting:

USA Spec BT35-HON Honda Bluetooth Interface at Crutchfield.ca

Product Description

Features Plug and Play Components. Easy Installation and Works with HONDA Radios. Automatically Switch to Bluetooth Mode when there's an Incoming Call. Advanced Technology to Turn Your Radio On and Switch to the Correct Source. Never Miss a Call while Driving Again



4) Good reviews on the product below.... 


In the beginning of March 2016, the KENWOOD KDC-BT362U was on sale at Canadian Tire

According to many reviews, this radio is a good unit to buy.


Thanks  Bouray1 for the upload


I finally choose the JVC ARSENAL KD-AR865BTS cd receiver hands-free Bluetooth on sale for $139.99 ($182.16 for everything.... Free shipping, look below)

When you buy a radio at crutchfield.ca all the installation kits are  50% off

If you buy your radio somewhere else, you can buy the installation kit at crutchfield but you'll have to pay the full price.... no rebates !!! but they will give you the mastersheet instructions for your vehicule (very practical)

You can find the manual here

The installation was fairly simple..... 
Less than 2 hours with no stress

Metra harness and JVC radio harness

heat shrink tube connectors



get the procedure here

Don't forget to remove the 8 mm bolt under the radio

Remove the top accessories glove box (2 screws)
Gently pry the plastic housing...

I suggest you to buy these little plastic babies:

It's a game of patience as you don't want to crack it

Don't pull too hard... the wires are shorts

You will need to replace back the ventilation traps on the aftermarket piece (7 screws if I remember correctly)

Honda stock radio

Microphone installation, look at this video:

Thanks Sonic Electronix for the upload

Microphone wire is going under the steering wheel, leave some loose... if you need to move the mic

The JVC facade

Fitting the radio in the metra unit (2 colors available) - see at the end of the post
Nice fit

Don't forget to put back the white and red plastics clips

Before the final installation

Boom! And we're good to go!


Really interesting thread on crutchfield.com about

2009-2014 Honda Fit Car Audio Profile

If you break something in your installation.... you can get genuine parts here

And here Honda Parts Catalog Store | Wholesale Parts | Honda Parts Store


mounting kits at crutchfield.ca

2 colors, black and silver


Metra 70-1729 Receiver Wiring Harness

Connect a new car stereo in select 2008-up Honda vehicles 


Don't forget your antenna adapter....

Radio Removal Honda Jazz (Fit) (2008-2013) | JustAudioTips

Thanks JustSimpleTips for the upload


Thanks for watching! 



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